Jay Mooers Studio

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Anything for sale will be listed on this page. Prints of any artwork you see on this site are available in a variety of sizes.

"Illweed" is available in hard cover and digital copy through Lulu.com.

"Illweed" is a new fairy tale. Prince Jayden is unhappy. His family doesn't care for him. His brother, Constance, is better than him in every way. So with his faithful pet, Trinket, Jayden runs away. Fearful of being recognized, Jayden wanders deep into the wilderness until he is lost and alone. He becomes friends with a strange girl from the woods, Zalia. She leads him through an adventure far more dangerous than anything he could imagine. But just when things look their darkest, there is a ray of hope. He learns he cannot escape his destiny, but must learn to rise up and meet it.